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Birdcage Wedding Cake

We’re huge fans of all things Vintage around these parts!  A Vintage Birdcage Wedding Cake is one of the most popular wedding cake designs these days and long may it last, we say!  They seem to come fully loaded with vintage charm, romance and elegance.  All ‘go to’ themes when considering your wedding cake design.  The colours schemes are soft and filled with pastel shades.  This vintage wedding cake style is super elegant and fits in beautifully with so many of our amazing Irish wedding venues.


We recently had the pleasure of making this vintage style wedding cake for a wedding which was taking place in the stunningly beautiful Ballymagarvey Village.  Always a pleasure!  It’s only a stone’s throw from Dublin so it’s perfect for those who don’t want to travel too far but like to be ‘a little bit’ country on their big day!


These vintage style wedding cakes often feature the ‘Love Birds’ motif but on this occasion we kept it simple with some hand made roses in an ivory and blush pink colour scheme.  These cakes can also be customised to use other colour schemes with shades of pastel blues and lilacs.  They are so versatile and adaptable to suit any taste.


We completed the design with a selection of mini cakes, cup cakes and mini cup cakes.  The ‘cupcake wedding’ cake trend seems to be a thing of the past these day (breathes a massive sigh of relief!) and this is the perfect compromise for those that like to include a ‘personal’ cake for their guests.  For this wedding cake we also made some custom cupcake wraps that really sat well with the Vintage theme.  For this wedding cake the bride chose red velvet and lemon zesty sponge cakes, which were a perfect choice for a warm summers day.



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