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The Gravity Defying novelty cake is a HUGE trend at the moment and I was thrilled to get the opportunity to have a go recently.  This cake was a pleasure to make as it was for a friend of mine, who was having a special birthday.  She’s got a green thumb and is a huge fan of growing vegies.

gravity defying novelty cake image 12


We specialise in novelty birthday cakes in Dublin and this cake was right up our street.  I just love to include as much subtle detail in our novelty cakes as possible.  These carrots and the snail were all edible.  Although I’m not sure there were too many takers for the snail!

gravity defying novelty cake dublin image 8


The pet dog and the crazy paving made up the little design elements of this Gravity Defying Novelty Birthday Cake!! We also included a few hand made butterflies and some pebbles dotted around the wooden planter and paving.

gravity defying novelty birthday cakes Dublin


The ‘Anti Gravity’ element of the cake came in the form of a watering cake with water cascading down on top of the vegetable garden.  There’s a touch of smoke and mirrors involved with this design.  Even though it’s Halloween, we didn’t cast a little spell to make it stay up there all on it’s own!  Would that we could!!  There’s a little hidden structure inside the water and the watering can which allows us to create a design which looks like it’s floating.  We always make sure that our customers are fully aware of any elements that are not edible.

gravity defying novelty cake dublin image 5


For more pictures of this Novelty Birthday Cake head on over to our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages.  We specialise in children’s birthday cakes in Dublin, adults birthday cakes in Dublin and all things novelty cake in Dublin.  Call us any time for a chat about creating something for your special birthday /event.!



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