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Spooooky Wedding Cake

I scream, you scream, we all scream………….for Spooooky Wedding Cake.  We’re huge fans of all things Tim Burton around these parts so when we were asked to make a Nightmare Before Christmas themed wedding cake, we jumped (out of our skins) at the chance!  Unfortunately the budget wouldn’t stretch to a visit to the Tim Burton Haunted House in Disneyland, so we had to settle for a re-runs of the movie with some popcorn!  No complaints from me!


Tim Burton's Corpse Bride Wedding cake


It’s that time of year for lots of ghoulish festivities, and if you’re planning on getting hitched then it’s a great opportunity to have a bit of fun with your wedding cake.  Why not go for something a little left of centre.  If you’re as much of a fan of Tim Burton as we are, then left of centre is going to be right up your street (or fog filled avenue!).  You’ll find lots of examples of our unique wedding cakes on our Instagram and Pinterest  pages.


Tim Burton's Corpse Bride Wedding Cake Dublin

This wedding cake features all the great characters for the hit movie from Jack Skellington and Sally to Igor and Zero.  We hand painted all the graveyard detailing onto the cake which allowed us to achieve a really delicate finish.  The odd little highlight in the windows just adds to the spooky factor of this wedding cake.


The nightmare before christmas wedding cakes dublin


All the little extra details, such as the pumpkins and the texturing in the cake board and cake topper add to the overall design of the cake.  I love to include lots of little details in our wedding cakes as this adds to the overall value, give something of interest for you and your guests to enjoy on the day.  This wedding cake was a real centrepiece for this wedding and I’m told there were a record amount of photos taken with the cake!


Wedding Cakes Ireland

The happy couple sitting on top of this Wedding cake gives a whole new meaning to ‘Wedding Cake Topper’!  I really enjoy making wedding cake toppers normally, but I have to say this is a favourite of mine so far.

Tim Burton wedding cake dublin


We’re going to have to brush up on our Pumpkin carving skills again this year and get busy with the pairing knife.  A top tier in the shape of a carved pumpkin/jack o lantern would also be a great addition to this wedding cake design.  Head on over to our Facebook page and keep an eye out for our Pumpkin carving and wedding cake activities!





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